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About me
My name is Stuart Brander. I’m a 21 year old “kid” from Melbourne, Australia who has a passion for music production. I am pursuing my dream of becoming a professional music producer, and my life (for the most part) revolves around music.

I started producing when I was 16 years old, however, I have had a musical background for long before that. I have been playing piano since a very young age, and have had a passion for music for as long as I can remember. When I was 16 I found FL Studio, and my production journey began there.

As soon as I ‘discovered’ the world of music production I was hooked. I spent hours and hours looking up tutorials, beat-making videos, reading forums, and studying music in any way I could. I starting trying to learn the chords to all my favourite songs, and starting improving little by little.

After high school, I knew I loved music and producing but I didn’t really see it as a viable career option. So I decided to enrol in a ‘Business Management’ course at a university here in Melbourne. I was studying business for little longer than a year before I decided to ‘defer’ from that course, and focus my efforts purely on improving and pursuing my dream of becoming a music producer.

Within that time, I also started a youtube channel and gained a little following of producers and music lovers, where I would post up my work and beat-making videos. The channel now has thousands of subscribers and over 150,000 views on my videos.

As a result of the small amount of success I gained through youtube, I started getting a lot of questions from beginner and intermediate producers. Asking me about my drums, how I mixed my tracks, pretty much everything production related. Which is why I decided to start this website.

So for the last year and a half i’ve been focusing on pursuing my music dream, and spending as much time as I can improving the quality of my music. Within that time i’ve been through one manager, self-released an EP with Marque Benedicto, and just recently begun networking with various Managers, Publishers, and Major Label A&R’s from here in Australia. Next year I will be beginning my studies in Audio Engineering.

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Anyways, enough about me, lets get into why YOU’RE here.

Think Music Production
With the Think Music Production blog, I want to give producers a resource to improve their music. Most of the questions I recieved online were from people who knew the basics about producing music, but wanted to IMPROVE their tracks. They wanted to take the quality of their production to the next level, which is what i’m going to be focusing on with this website.

This is important because although there are plenty of resources out there, with a lot of them it takes a lot of digging to find real valuable information that you can really apply to your music straight away, and see real improvements.

Think Music Production is designed to become a sort of hub for quality,┬áimprovement-based music production resources. ┬áI want to help producers take their music to the ‘next level’.

I’m not going to use this to promote any of my music or anything like that, there’s going to be no urging of you to check out my latest youtube video or beat. The only reason my music will be displayed is when i’m using it to further illustrate a point.

I’m commited to helping people take their music production to the next level, and improving the overall quality of their music. That’s the main goal of this website. I’m extremely passionate about music, and I love helping people, so this is a great way for me to combine the two.

So if you’re a music producer, beginner or even if you’ve been doing this for a little while, this website will help you take your music further, quicker.

Also, as a gift to everyone I’ve put together a free drum kit, full of sounds I crafted myself. Just sign up to the newsletter below and the download link will be delivered straight to your inbox! You’ll also get weekly production tips and stuff like that, which you won’t be able to find on this blog, and i’m certain you’ll love it!

Lastly, I don’t consider myself some kind of expert on all things production related, and my music is still evolving and improving every single day. I’m not here to try act like I know everything, or i’m the best at production. However, I do feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge throughout my years of being passionate about music production, and I strongly believe that there are many out there who will stand to gain and learn from my experience.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope I can help you take your music to the next level!

-Stuart B

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